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Conveyor Types

24v Roller

A 24-Volt Conveyor System consist of a series of 24 volt Motor Driven Rollers; distributed along sections of the conveyor's length, with each section capable of performing many functions. This includes multiple speeds, multiple directions and independent starting and stopping of individual sections. Other Benefits include; lower energy consumption and lower profile allowing compact installation.

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Aluminium Modular

The chain design permits horizontal as well as vertical change of direction. offering compact boundary dimensions through compact drive, idler units and tight bends. Product handling is gentle and stable, contributing to high product quality standards and high line efficiency. The design offers a long service life and low noise level. A range of complimentary accessories are available such as side guides and product clamps.

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Over the years, Etavoni has had the opportunity to develop a wide variety of bottle conveyor systems to accommodate all shapes and sizes of bottles in every stage of the production process. When you need total-control, maximum efficiency, and less damaged or dropped bottles, a custom bottle conveyor system from Etavoni can help.

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PU Belt

PU Belt is the most versatile and often most cost effective belting solution which is used in many industries such as Food, Paper & Printing, Textile, Materials handling and packaging

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